The ultimate challenge for the serious trophy hunter is the cunning and elusive Whitetail Deer. As a result of their intelligence, a great many Whitetail Deer die of natural causes without ever having been seen by hunters.  Spend some time hunting Whitetails in Alberta and chances are you will come across the biggest deer you’ve ever laid eyes on!

Our hunts are fully guided with one hunter per guide for rifle hunts and two hunters per guide for archery hunts unless other arrangements are preferred. Our guides live in the zones that we hunt in and know the area and the animals that inhabit them. We hunt along the Little Red Deer River, amidst 8 miles of river breaks along Dogpound Creek, in the Red Deer River area and the James River. We are able to provide single species hunts or combination hunts. With either choice, our guides will ensure that you enjoy the breathtaking countryside, western hospitality and the adventure of a hunt.
Whitetail Deer archery season begins in the Foothills and Parkland zones in September and runs through November. Rifle Whitetail Deer hunting begins November 1st and concludes at the end of November. The rut takes place in early to mid-November and typically continues until the end of the season. The peak of the rut generally takes place around the 18th of November, making the ideal time to hunt Whitetails between November 12th - 24th.

Our camp is situated in the middle of our exclusive 1350 acre bountiful, wildlife habitat on the banks of the Little Red Deer River. You will be staying in cabins and comfortable tents with cots, heated with the warmth of wood burning stoves. We have a shower cabin and a full time cook who stays at the camp. mountain guiding service-camp
When hunting in Alberta, you must be prepared for cold weather and snow. Average temperatures in November are -10 C to 1 C  (15 F to 35 F) but temperatures can drop to the -30 C (-22 F) range. Clothing should be layered and outer clothing should be late fall camo or snow camo. Good quality, felt-lined boots are essential.
Note: personal gear, clothing, rifles, binoculars, camera, and sleeping bags are the responsibility of the client.
Whitetail Deer Hunts - All of our hunts are 6 days. Archery season begins September 3rd. Rifle season begins November 1st. All hunting concludes November 30th.
Archery (2 on 1)
$3500 (USD)
Archery Combo (2 on 1)
$4500 (USD)
Rifle (1 on 1)
$5000 (USD)
Rifle Combo (1 on 1)
$8000 (USD)
$800 (USD)
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In Alberta, most mature bucks weigh around 250 - 300 pounds and will have a rack in the 140 plus range. Every year 180 to 190 class Whitetail Deer are harvested each Fall. With one of the highest percentages of trophy-class bucks, Alberta has become world renowned for its Whitetail Deer hunting.

With our most recent winters being milder, we know that the mature bucks are surviving, providing us with some great trophy class opportunities this upcoming hunting season.